Student Resources

Gift Certificates - Purchase a Solid Ground Gift Certificate and bless someone with a Bible study!  Gift certificates can be used to pay for Bible studies.  They never expire - we will honour them regardless of purchase date.

Lending library - We have books, DVDs and other resources that you can borrow from our library.  Sign these items out in the office.

Reference Library - Over the years, we have collected many Bible study tools and reference books.  Concordances, commentaries, study guides and Bibles are here for your use while at class (not for sign out).  If you ever forget your Bible, feel free to borrow one from the reference library.

Bookstore - Bible study resources and Christian cards are available to purchase.

Prayer Ministry - We have a group of faithful prayer warriors who pray for Solid Ground students, teachers, board members, finances, and other requests that come to them.  If you have a prayer request, please click here to email your prayer request to the Prayer Ministry Coordinator.  Your prayer request will be forwarded to the prayer team.  Your email address will not be shared and your confidentiality will be protected upon request.