So Great A Salvation Webinar Series

In this new and long-anticipated series we will immerse ourselves in the one  over-arching theme of the whole Bible– the magnificent salvation that God has accomplished on behalf of sinners. 

We will explore thoroughly the multi-faceted jewel that is our salvation as we evaluate it from man’s perspective and from God’s perspective. 

Have you been yearning for an unshakable assurance of your salvation?  Perhaps you are sure that you are saved but wish you could explain it to others in a more complete and accurate way. 

Have you been longing for your relationship with your Saviour to be revived and your love for Him to be re-ignited? 

If so, this is the study for you!  To God be all the glory!! 

Click on the topic links below to see the current lessons available.  We are publishing webinars on a regular basis.