Revelation Matters - Pt 1

Begins Apr 6-7, 2021
$60; $30 youth

Tuesday 1:15pm LIVE Zoom

Tuesday 7:15pm (Kitchener)

Wednesday 9:15am (Kitchener)

Online Only


Having carefully laid the foundation and established the context of the Revelation, we are now ready to tackle the various topics, events and personalities of the book in more detail, digging into the rest of Scripture.

In Part 1, we will begin our journey into a deeper understanding of the things that must shortly take place:

  • Israel's Future
  • The 144,000
  • Who are the two witnesses?
  • The Antichrist - Who is he? What will he do?
  • Who is the False Prophet?
  • Who is the great harlot, Mystery Babylon?
  • The final wars
  • The Millennium
  • The eternal Age
  • Death and Resurrection
  • The great white throne judgement

We may add a topic here and there as we move along, and will strive to cover most, if not all, of these topics about which there are often questions.

Join us for this very timely study! Besides the promised blessing of Revelation 1:3, you will have the joy of being shown the things your soon coming King wants you to see! Step by step the biblical understanding of the last days will be yours!

NOTE: You do not have to have done Revelation with us this winter to join us now!


Optional Study Book – Revelation Part 4*

1. Precept Upon Precept (~5 hrs/wk)
2. Precept In and Out (~1-3 hrs/wk)
*These Precept workbooks are designed to enrich your Bible Study
*Choose the commitment level perfect for you
*Any one of these options will enhance your understanding of Revelation

Deadline to reserve a study book is Wednesday, March 24th!


Ruth Warkentin

Co-founder of Solid Ground Ministries and gifted Bible teacher. Ruth is extremely well grounded in the Word of God and is dearly loved by her students. Ruth has a God given ability to communicate clearly the unchanging truths of God's Word with passion and delight. She has been teaching God's Word with Solid Ground since its inception in 1991. Her prayer for herself and her students is that, through the Scriptures, they might come to know their God intimately, to love Him deeply and to serve and obey Him wholeheartedly. Ruth enjoys living single - a life of "undistracted devotion to Christ".