The Call to Discipleship - Following in the Footsteps of Jesus

Begins September 23 & 25, 2019 (no classes Thanksgiving week)
$39 (includes study guide)

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Today, especially in North America, the church has largely forgotten about the biblical view of discipleship.  When asked, most Christians would say that a disciple is “a follower of Jesus Christ”, and there is certainly truth to such a statement.

But what does “following” Jesus look like? 

Common perceptions within the church include things like believing in Jesus, going to church regularly, praying, having a concern for social justice issues or having a concern for environmental issues.  As good and noble as these things are in and of themselves, is this all that is required?  Is this all there is to being a disciple of Jesus Christ? 

Our churches are full of people who call themselves disciples of Jesus – and sincerely believe that they are disciples of Jesus. But, are they truly disciples from a biblical perspective? 

This study will be devoted to discovering what the Bible has to say about what discipleship looks like, while at the same time challenging us to intentionally live a life of discipleship ourselves.

In order to explore this topic, this fall Solid Ground is introducing a new type of course – a discussion group* formatted Bible study instead of the classroom format that we are accustomed to. The course includes a study guide that follows an inductive methodology which includes questions that not only explore the biblical text, but also call for personal reflection and self-examination.  Reviewing the material and answering the questions before coming together for discussion is highly recommended.

*Group size limited to 12 students.


Group Facilitator

Jim Leichnitz

Jim has been passionate about God’s Word since first becoming a believer and follower of Jesus Christ in 1996.  His introduction to inductive Bible study through the ministry of Solid Ground opened new and amazing avenues for his personal journey of faith.  Jim’s spiritual gift of teaching is best exhibited in the arena of small group discussion.  He hopes that those embarking on this study will be blessed by the material that has been prepared.