1 Peter - Stand Firm No Matter What!

Begins September 24-26, 2019
$84; Youth $42. (Optional Study Books: $20, $16 or $13)

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During a time of increasing persecution and difficulty, Peter holds forth the grace of God as more than enough for any circumstance, for any challenge of the Christian life.

Peter exhorts the believers to declare and demonstrate Christ’s absolute sufficiency by enduring suffering and His supreme sovereignty by submitting to His authority.

With Christ as the perfect example, we too can stand upon the Rock and proclaim that He is faithful, holy and true; He is our worthy Lord and Saviour.

Join us as we study 1 Peter and learn about the grace of God that assures our victory!


Optional Study Books*

1. Precept Upon Precept (~5 hrs/wk) - $20
2. Precept In and Out (~1-3 hrs/wk) - $16
3. Living with Discernment in the Last Days (~20 min/day) - $13

 *These Precept workbooks are designed to enrich your Bible Study.  Choose the commitment level perfect for you.  Any one of these options will enhance your understanding of 1 Peter

 Deadline to reserve a book:  If you require a study book, please let us know by Monday, September 16th.  Choose your option when you register online.



Ruth Warkentin

Co-founder of Solid Ground Ministries and gifted Bible teacher. Ruth is extremely well grounded in the Word of God and is dearly loved by her students. Ruth has a God given ability to communicate clearly the unchanging truths of God's Word with passion and delight. She has been teaching God's Word with Solid Ground since its inception in 1991. Her prayer for herself and her students is that, through the Scriptures, they might come to know their God intimately, to love Him deeply and to serve and obey Him wholeheartedly. Ruth enjoys living single - a life of "undistracted devotion to Christ".